• Thumbnail_Berry_UAE
  • BerryUAE2


Rich and intense flavors of berries with a tart aftertaste.

  • Thumbnail_BlueBerry_UAE
  • Blueberry_UAE2


Full-bodied blueberries, delicate in taste and fragrance.

  • Thumbnail_Blueberrymint_UAE
  • BluerberryminUAE2

Blueberry With Mint

Signature taste of blueberry blended with the freshness of mint.

  • Thumbnail_cherry_UAE
  • CherryUAE2


A rich blend of flavorful cherries with a smooth finish.

  • Thumbnail_Frostytwiapple_UAE
  • Frosty Two Apples UAE

Frosty Two Apples

A new twist that provides citrusy flavors of green and red apples with a lingering minty aftertaste.

  • Thumbnail_Grapes_UAE
  • GrapeUAE2


The taste of mixed grapes with a delicate aroma.

  • Thumbnail_Grapeberry_UAE
  • GrapeberryUAE2

Grapes with Berry

The goodness of grapes blended with the tartness of berries.

  • Thumbnail_Grapemint_UAE
  • Grape with Mint UAE

Grapes With Mint

A signature blend of grapes with a cool menthol finish.

  • Thumbnail_Kiwi_UAE
  • KiwiUAE2


A tropical blend dense with flavor and aroma.

  • Peach UAE
  • PeachUAE2


A perfectly balanced tangy peach flavor with an incredibly smooth texture.

  • Strawberry UAE
  • StrawberryUAE2


A concoction of tangy strawberries with a lingering taste.

  • SweetPassionFruit_UAE
  • Sweet Passion Fruit

Sweet Passion Fruit

A lush and beautiful passion fruit flavor with a tart and punchy aroma