• Vanilla


An intense, smooth flavor with a lingering creamy aroma.

  • coconut


A perfect blend of cool and creamy coconut undertones.

  • Polar_Freeze

Polar Freeze

A lasting cooling effect or aftertaste without changing the core taste of your shisha

  • Amber_Rise

Amber Rise

Distinct sour notes that add a tangy undertone to any shisha

  • Ivory_Gold

Ivory Gold

A rich, creamy add-on for any shisha experience

  • Wicked_Emerald

Wicked Emerald

A deep cardamom flavor that adds a little spice to your shisha

  • fierce_fruit

Fierce Fruit

A delicious hit of bold berries

  • Basil_Blast

Basil Blast

Spicy with a fresh and natural fragrant taste

  • Sub Zero

Sub Zero

A blast of cool and a refreshing sensation

  • Minty_Fresh

Minty Fresh

Minty with a hint of peppermint

  • Sour_Power

Sour Power

Lemon sour, Tangy and citrus-tasting

  • Smooth_Cream

Smooth Cream

Sweet, Indulgent and creamy flavour with a touch of vanilla

  • Cool_Menthol

Cool Menthol

An icy, cool refreshing, menthol taste