• Two Apples bahraini

Two Apple Bahraini

A sweeter take on Two Apple with a black licorice flare

  • gum


A delicate and light mix with minty undertones.

  • Blueberry


Full-bodied blueberries, delicate in taste and fragrance.

  • Watermelon


A perfect blend of fresh flavors with a calming aftertaste.

  • Super_Lemon_Mint

Super Lemon Mint

Lemonade, anyone? Sweet and powerful lemon base with refreshing mint

  • Frosty

Frosty Two Apples

A new twist that provides citrusy flavors of green and red apples with a lingering minty aftertaste.

  • Iced_Raspberry_mint

Iced Raspberry Mint

Like a refreshing drink in the summer. Minty, fresh and fruitastic

  • Two Apples

Two Apples

Delicate flavors of apples paired with tart anise undertones.

  • mint


A signature flavor encompassing the finest of cooling agents.

  • grape with mint

Grape With Mint

A signature blend of grapes with a cool menthol finish.

  • grape


The taste of mixed grapes with a delicate aroma.

  • Lemon with Mint

Lemon With Mint

A classic fusion of the evergreen lemons and cooling mint notes.

  • Polar Freeze

Polar Freeze

A lasting cooling effect or aftertaste without changing the core taste of your shisha

  • Amber Rise

Amber Rise

Distinct sour notes that add a tangy undertone to any shisha

  • Ivory Gold

Ivory Gold

A rich, creamy add-on for any shisha experience

  • Wicked Emerald

Wicked Emerald

A deep cardamom flavor that adds a little spice to your shisha

  • Orange


The signature orange delight with a lingering zesty taste.

  • Gum_Mustic

Gum Mastic

A classic combination of spearmint and a traditional medicinal gum.

  • Mint_Frost

Mint Frost

Expect cool, frosty clouds with this chilly, minty, menthol mix

  • mango


A rich taste of fresh ripe mangoes with a creamy finish.

  • fresh


Bursting with natural, sweet berry flavor and a cool mint finish

  • Gum with Cinnamon

Gum With Cinnamon

An aromatic mix of earthy cinnamon and traditional gum with a smooth finish.

  • berry img


Rich and intense flavors of berries with a tart aftertaste.

  • Rose


An extract of rose petals infused to form this pleasant aromatic floral flavor.

  • Peach


A perfectly balanced tangy peach flavor with an incredibly smooth texture.

  • Sweet_Passion_fruit

Sweet Passion Fruit

A lush and beautiful passion fruit flavor with a tart and punchy aroma

  • orange_with_mint.png

Orange With Mint

Zesty orange perfectly blended with refreshing menthol.

  • cherry


A rich blend of flavorful cherries with a smooth finish.

  • Grape with Berry

Grape with Berry

The goodness of grapes blended with the tartness of berries.

  • Mint_Cream

Mint With Cream

A unique blend of rich cream and minty menthol that lingers in taste.

  • Strawberry


A concoction of tangy strawberries with a lingering taste.

  • Melon


A vibrant mix of freshly-picked, zesty melons.

  • lemon


A zesty and aromatic mix of lemons with a lingering aftertaste.

  • Blueberry with Mint

Blueberry With Mint

Signature taste of blueberry blended with the freshness of mint.

  • kiwi


A tropical blend dense with flavor and aroma.

  • Two Apples with Mint

Two Apples With Mint

Rich flavors of red and green apples blended with muted cool notes.

  • grenadine


A fresh blend of pomegranates with tart cherry notes.

  • Iced_Gum

Iced Gum

The intenseness of spearmint and an icy, fresh effect that lasts

  • Two Apples bahraini

Two Apple Bahraini

A sweeter take on Two Apple with a black licorice flare

  • Vanilla


An intense, smooth flavor with a lingering creamy aroma.

  • Watermelon with Mint

Watermelon With Mint

A flavorful blend enveloped in mint undertones.

  • Apple img


Crisp in flavor with mild undertones of red apples.