Sweet Tang

It’s sweet and fruity with just enough tart flavor to add zest. The mint gives you a cool hit.

Energized, Fruity, Fresh




The trick is to make sure the pineapple is mixed with the kiwi and mango. Fluff up the lemon, mint and grapefruit and sprinkle on top. Gently press down in an Egyptian head. Light up and enjoy.

I love spending time outside and take my pipe wherever I go.

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How to set up your shisha

Okay, you’ve got the hookah pipe..now what? We’ve created a step-by-step video to get you started. Pick your favorite flavor and let’s go!

Party Puff: Top 5 flavors for an “after dinner” hookah


At the end of every meal, isn’t it great to kick back with your friends and smoke? Here are a few of our favorite flavors.

new flavor alert

New Flavor ALERT


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Popular Flavors

Mint With Cream

Mint With Cream

A unique blend of rich cream and minty menthol that lingers in taste.

Lemon With Mint

Lemon With Mint

A classic fusion of the evergreen lemons and cooling mint notes.

Two Apple With Mint

Two Apples With Mint

Rich flavors of red and green apples blended with muted cool notes.



A perfectly balanced tangy peach flavor with an incredibly smooth texture.