Motor City Mayhem

This mix is mad delish. Something about the blueberry mixed with lemon and mint reminds me of a cool drink!

Experimental, Sweet, Fresh



I love anything mixed with mint to be completely honest. Take a glass bowl and mix the flavors together by hand before packing the head lightly. I use a salad fork to mix but you can your hands - keep them clean by using latex gloves.

I love cars almost as much as I look my hookah pipe!

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Popular Flavors

Orange With Mint

Orange With Mint

Zesty orange perfectly blended with refreshing menthol.

Citrus with Mint

Citrus with Mint

A delightful flavor with cool mint notes.

Two Apple With Mint

Two Apples With Mint

Rich flavors of red and green apples blended with muted cool notes.

Grapefruit With Mint

Grapefruit With Mint

Fresh flavors of citrus with cool mint notes.