Melon Chill

Mint and fruit, am I right?! You can swap the kiwi for orange or banana and get another great tropical chill moment.

Fun, Fruity, Smooth




Mix all the fruit flavors together, packing your head and keeping all the shisha away from the edge. I drop the mint in little pinches around the fruit. See below for an idea of how to swap the kiwi for something else.

My friends and my pipe are super important to me. So is travelling. Looking forward to trying more mixes.

Other mixes by Foggy Tiger10

How to set up your shisha

Okay, you’ve got the hookah what? We’ve created a step-by-step video to get you started. Pick your favorite flavor and let’s go!

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Popular Flavors

Two apple with mint

Two Apple With Mint

Rich flavors of red and green apples blended with muted cool notes.



The taste of mixed grapes with a delicate aroma.

Watermelon with Mint

Watermelon With Mint

A flavorful blend enveloped in mint undertones.


Grapes With Mint

A signature blend of grapes with a cool menthol finish.