ChocoCal Heaven

The creamy coconut, vanilla and banana mixed with chocolate reminds me of a tropical milkshake. So delicious.

Experimental, Creamy, Strong




You might want to try different heads for this mix. I like a straight up Egyptian head. Mix the first three flavors in the head and sprinkle the banana shisha on top of the lightly packed bowl.

Whenever I can, I try to get out to the beach with my friends. Seriously the best place to chill.

Other mixes by Big Dave Robson

How to set up your shisha

Okay, you’ve got the hookah what? We’ve created a step-by-step video to get you started. Pick your favorite flavor and let’s go!

Smoke ring

Shisha Tricks: Learn to blow an expert O


Use our step-by-step guide to take your hookah tricks to the next level by creating rings with your smoke.

Party Puff: Top 5 flavors for an “after dinner” hookah


At the end of every meal, isn’t it great to kick back with your friends and smoke? Here are a few of our favorite flavors.

Popular Flavors

Two Apple

Two Apples

Delicate flavors of apples paired with tart anise undertones.



Full-bodied blueberries, delicate in taste and fragrance.

Gum With Cinnamon

Gum With Cinnamon

An aromatic mix of earthy cinnamon and traditional gum with a smooth finish.

Grapefruit With Mint

Grapefruit With Mint

Fresh flavors of citrus with cool mint notes.