If you are in an environment where you are permitted to operate, the highest hygiene standards are critical for your business. Here are some best practice tips:


1. Maintain at least 2 metres (6.5ft.) distance between tables and follow any social distancing guidelines issued by your local authority.

2. Wash the shisha/hookah device and shisha/hookah bowl with hot water and soap before every single serving.

3. Use latex disposable gloves for all stages of the preparation.

4. Only use disposable (single use) hoses whenever possible or alternatively, a silicone hose, which you should clean thoroughly after each single use (see tip no.2)

5. Allow the customer to unpack their own disposable hose.

6. The shisha master should not smoke the shisha/hookah at any time, whether to pre-heat, purge or manage the heat before or during the smoking session. Guide customers to heat or purge the shisha/hookah themselves.

7. Serve only one shisha per customer. Shisha sharing is not recommended at this time.