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Top 10 signs that you’re hookah obsessed

  • 30 July 2019
  • Written by AL FAKHER TEAM
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Feeling the love for that hookah pipe of yours? Thinking about the next flavor as soon as you finish the last puff? Do your friends consider you a shisha master - all knowing in the area of flavors and mixes? Just when does enthusiasm turn into something more?!

These 10 signs might just reveal your hookah obsession:

1. You can recite the entire list of Al Fakher shisha flavors...from White Flash to Alaa Moodak…

2. You find mouthpieces in every nook and cranny - including in your gym bag.

3. You smoke by yourself to practice your tricks and then act like you just “randomly” blow a cyclone shape.

4. When your friends ask you over for dinner,  you’re already thinking of the shisha flavor to accompany it instead of the food. 

5. You know the exact number of holes to put in the foil...and it’s not the same number as your friends.

6. Actually, you and your friends spend hours debating the best number of holes to punch in the foil..and you still can’t decide.

7. Your shisha mixes are well known in your hookah squad.

8. You have a hookah squad.

9. When you go on vacation, your main concern is which hookah lounge to visit.

10. And you memorised a map of the locations...just in case you can’t get phone service.

Got any other ways of identifying a hookah obsession? Do tell us more! Check us out on Instagram and share your favorite hookah obsession signs!