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Party Puff: Top 5 flavors for an “after dinner” hookah

  • 08 July 2019
  • Written by Al Fakher Team
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A feast of flavors

Following a big meal with friends, you know there’s only one way to chill afterwards. Sitting around, telling stories, setting up a hookah and seeing where the mood takes you. Honestly, what could be better? It’s the perfect way to wind down after an evening of food and drinks. But how can the shisha flavors and mixes you smoke become the perfect end to your night?

Pierced foil

Here are 5 of our favorite partaayy mixes in your hookah for after a big ol’ meal. We dare you to try these shisha flavors and report back on our insta feed immediately!

1. Orange with Cream

To call this dessert in your bowl is truth. Pure and simple. The creamy combo of orange and vanilla will spark feelings of nostalgia. Sitting outside, waiting for the ice cream van...sweet and cool on a hot afternoon just like the good ol’ days.

2. Chocolate with Mint 

This is a traditional flavor combination which really can’t be beat for an ultimate evening of decadence. Deep and rich chocolate shisha is mellow and not overly sweet. The minty cool freshness is satisfying and well-rounded too.

3. Ambrosia

Marshmallow goodness… with a little of selection of fruit, like mango, pineapple and pear, will seriously impress your hookah guests. This is a long-time favorite fruit salad in the south of the US. It combines the vanilla creaminess of pudding and fruit. End your meal with a bowl full of desserty fun.

4. Cappuccino 

The ultimate end to a meal. When the conversation carries on far into the evening, the tasty, creamy flavor of coffee and frothy milk is the perfect accompaniment. The sweet and cool balanced shisha tobacco is guaranteed to spark good conversation with your friends.

5. Frosty 2 Apple 

A flavor that kind of belongs on every shisha shopping list. So of course, it needs to be an after dinner fav. There are two reasons for this.  First of all, you have Two Apple, which is our top seller because everyone loves its sweet fruitiness. Second, it’s blended with cooling mint to create that frosty feel to balance the sweetness. This hookah flavor is a real people pleaser. 

Check out these flavors and so many more. Prefer to mix your own? Name it. Mix it. Share it.