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New Flavor ALERT

  • 17 July 2019
  • Written by AL FAKHER TEAM
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Ready to be blown away?

Wondering what will make 2019 a summer to remember? Well, we’ve got some top info that is guaranteed to make your hookah heart sing. Get ready to be blown away:

Al Fakher are launching 10 new shisha flavors over the next few months. Two weeks ago, the first three flavors will be revealed. And get this - they are exclusively available in the US only for home delivery.

Here’s how you can be the first to find out more:

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2. Have you tried them already? We revealed the flavors at the Hookah Expo in Las Vegas. It’s the official launch weekend of the new flavors and there’s tons to do at the event. Tell us what you thought! 

3. Keep checking our site for more info on new Shisha Stories.

Are you ready to be blown away? These new flavors are born out of a love for new experiences. With AF Crafted, we’ll be taking flavor intensity to the next level.

AF4: a crowd pleaser.

An irresistible blend of apple goodness and minty cool. 

This deliciously intense blend can be simply described with a four-letter word. It unites mixed apples with a touch of cool. You'll swear by batch four.

Check it out!


AF7: Pure Paradise. Tropical Passionfruit & Grapefruit

Welcome to the promised land. Sublimely sweet passionfruit and glorious grapefruit combine to unlock tropical nirvana. Open the gates to hookah heaven with the everlasting flavor of batch 7.

Check it out!


AF8: A new favorite.

Lemon and lime combined with green tea is a must try combo. 

When the yin of earthy green tea meets the yang of sweet lemon-lime, the results are positively harmonious. A refreshing hint of mint brings batch 8 (and the universe) into perfect balance.

Check it out!

Check out these new flavors and so many more.