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Don’t Hog the Hookah! The unspoken etiquette

  • 08 July 2019
  • Written by Al Fakher Team
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Learning the rules

Have you ever smoked with someone who has a bad habit of holding the hose while telling the longest story ever? Um…. It’s not you, is it?

Sitting around the hookah with your friends is a chilled pastime that’s being going on for over 500 years. But what’s the etiquette? We’ve searched the top shisha scenes on the web and gathered a few of our favorite unspoken rules worth following to make the most of your time with the pipe:

Setup = First Pull

Let the person who sets up the hookah and shisha take the first pull. If you’re the one setting up, get your guests involved. Invite them to help mix the shisha - it’s all part of the experience!

@ My House

At your house, you might have a few tips or habits you follow. The same goes when you’re the guest. Obey the house rules. If it’s your first time visiting somewhere, don’t be afraid to ask your host how they roll. 

And don’t rely completely on what you see on YouTube. Customs and habits can change and it’s always a good idea to ask your host or other guests before you try anything outrageous.

Pull and Pass

Pass the hose clockwise, which is to the person on your right. This is a general rule of good practice. Don’t pass the pipe directly, put the hose down so the person to your right can pick it up. 

Think about the mouthpiece. Is everyone sharing? How you pass the pipe is important because some cultures see it as a sign of respect to tilt the mouthpiece away.  Hookah is about new cultures and practices too.

Blowing hot air

Got a long story to tell? Try not to hog the hookah while you’re talking. Pass the pipe first and let everyone else have a chance.

Do not attempt to do smoke rings for 10 mins during a group sesh...Dude, perfect that on your own time. We’ve actually created a little guide on how to do this. 

Share your view

This is obviously an on-going list. We didn’t even get to talk about how to clean the mouthpiece or where to place the pipe (on the floor, by the way). And, what if there are multiple hoses? 

I know you guys will have some comments to add. We’d love to hear your top shisha housekeeping rules.

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