How to





• Lay out all the elements on a table. Remember to clean all the pieces before you start.

• Build the shaft

• Attach the metal tray

• Connect the mouth piece, hose and pipe together and to the shisha and check the air flow. Recommended to use a silicone or disposable hose for a more hygienic experience.




• The molasses/tobacco must be fluffed then packed loosely in the shisha bowl to allow for an even heating and air circulation process. Ensure a 2-3mm gap between the packed molasses and the foil or the heat management device.

• Cover the packed bowl with aluminum foil ensuring it’s wrapped tight with tension then poke holes evenly to allow air flow. You can also use a heat management device.

• Fill the glass base with water. The level of filled water has to be high enough to submerge the snorkler/straw by 3 cm/1 inch on average.

• Burn 2-4 pieces of coconut charcoal and wait till it turns completely red without any black spots.

• Place 2 pieces of charcoal on top of the shisha bowl covered with aluminum foil and wait for 3-4 minutes to heat the tobacco. If you are using a heat management device, place 3-4 charcoals and wait 7-10 minutes for them to heat up. Remove 1-2 pieces of charcoal to avoid overheating.

• Now that the bowl is warm, take continuous short puffs for a while to start your shisha experience.

• You will have to purge your shisha once every while. Regular purging after several puffs stabilizes the temperature in the bowl and prevents overheating allowing for an enjoyable shisha experience.