If you prefer to use your shisha/hookah at home, here are some helpful tips tp ensure an optimal experience:



Keep your device and accessories clean.
Refer to helpful cleaning tips below.


Do not share your shisha/hookah with others at this time.
Enjoy one all for yourself


If you are experiencing any symptoms of respiratory illness, do not smoke. Also do not use shisha/hookah in the vicinity of anyone with a respiratory condition.


Step by step cleaning instructions:


1. Remove the mouth tip from hose then wash with hot soapy water and then rinse

2. Wash the hose with hot soapy water and then rinse

3. Pour liquid soap in a bowl and squeeze a slice of lemon

4. Add water and stir

5. Brush the plate with this mixture

6. Repeat with the lock and rinse them both

7. Uninstall the shaft and downstem and insert a scrubbing brush

8. Pour the same mixture on the brush and scrub the shaft

9. Brush your shaft and stem with soap and then rinse thoroughly

10. Pour the dirty water from the base. Add liquid soap and squeeze a slice of lemon

11. Insert a large brush and scrub the base

12. Don’t forget to scrub the outer surfaces

13. Rinse all thoroughly to remove the soap

14. Remove the foil from the bowl and scrub off burnt molasses

15. Rinse the bowl and brush it with soap

16. Rinse thoroughly

17. Dry all components thoroughly