WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


About Us


It started with a simple enough request: we wanted to enjoy longer lasting, great tasting, quality hookah tobacco in our pipes. Searching high and low, we soon found a gap in the market - and had the desire to fill it. And so, Al Fakher was born. 

Proudly founded in the UAE, our origins are grounded in Middle Eastern culture. For decades, our aim has remained the same: to help bring people together. 

Whether it’s to relax and unwind, share stories and ideas, or party until dawn, Al Fakher is the perfect companion to create memories that last.


Today, we are proud to the largest shisha company in the world. You can find our products wherever you go, from best sellers such as Double Apple and Grape Mint to new and exciting mixes such as Magic Love. Our experienced, passionate team are constantly innovating and creating new and exciting flavors for shisha lovers from Old Orleans to New Delhi.

Smoked on their own or mixed by you, our products are the most popular globally for one reason - from the first pull to the last, every flavor provides a smooth and amazing experience.


Our shisha begins with our idea of the perfect leaf. We select German and French tobacco as many people feel it’s grown in a balanced environment of nutrient soil and a temperate climate to produce a high caliber tobacco, light in flavor and smell. 

We then mix the tobacco leaf with the perfect amount of humectants to hold moisture in and help intensify the natural flavors, which are infused without the use of preservatives.


Our team works tirelessly to perfect each flavor - this process can take days, weeks or even months. The point is, we are tireless in our quest to get it right. Our method is bespoke and specific to our products. Each of our flavors is developed and tested in our Innovation lab, where our team’s passion and knowhow, combined with feedback from our global panel of shisha enthusiasts helps us keep delivering the flavors you love, again and again.

Our Global Footprint

Together with all our partners, our aim is to bring the best quality Shisha experience to the world. With four factories working in tandem to produce over 90 flavors of hookah tobacco, we supply over 63 countries with Al Fakher products daily.

Our global family of wholesalers and distributors play a vital role in our success, helping us connect with local communities and ensure we are always focused on giving shisha lovers across the world what they want. 

Our Family

We are proud of our people. With over 19 languages spoken in our head office alone, we are built on our diversity and the wealth of ideas and life experience everyone brings with them everyday. We are a business founded on the dedication of our team. Working together, from creative product development to delivery and distribution, our Al Fakher family breathe life into our brand. With passion at our core, our teams strive to bring the best possible experience wherever your hookah takes you.